PowerBar 1.80

toolbar with extensive functionality
1.80 (See all)

This powerful Windows 95/98/NT4.0/5.0 add-on utility will give your PC a much needed boost. Use a toolbar with extensive functionality: Enhanced Virtual Desktop's ,Paster ,Icon groups, Email support (Check / Peek / Send), Scheduler, Quick connect to Dialup Network ( Internet/RAS ). Clipboard enhancer , Multi-user aware , HotKeys , Screen capture, Tray support, Shutdown / Restart, Quick resolution change, Realtime memory monitor, Multimedia built in plays wave - midi - CD-ROM's, Analog Clock, Digital clock with or without date, Instant drive access,Tasklist, Drag/Drop support, IE look , ToolTips , Autohide, AutoZoom, Columns, All items are Drop-Targets , Easy configuration. Everything presented in a nice looking way.

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